Now there is a gardening robot that eliminates weeds! Fantastic!

If you have a lot of weeds that you want to get rid of, using vinegar can turn out to be very helpful, and once you have eliminated almost all the weeds then this garden weeding robot named Tertill could…

See a super robot solve a Rubik cube!

They built a robot with the clear intention of beating the previous record for solving a Rubik's cube set by another robot at 0.89 seconds. Therefore, the Infineon Technologies company filmed the very…

The ability of this robot are already INCREDIBLE, but look at what it does with the obstacles are out ...

When combining robot, cheetahs and military funding, what may emerge is potentially scary. The engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology took five years to create this 4-legged robot that…
Robot Wtf

At first it just seems a remote control car, but seconds later...WOW !

A Japanese group specialized in technology, Brave Robotics, has developed what all children (and others) would love to have: a real "Transformer". What's more, in both configurations has a front camera…
Robot Technology Wtf

A human looking robot

Here is one of the most realistic robots ever. Androids in Blade Runner are now not so far from reality and what was once science fiction is inevitably becoming reality
Robot Technology Wtf

Around Venice

But this time on a drone ... The BlackSheep team go around Venice with a drone remote-controlled, providing never before seen images.

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