Watch your step at this New York subway station!

The 36th Street subway station stop in New York has a special feature that makes it different from any other. This difference can only be detected when people climb up the subway staircase that brings…

They fly a drone over New York ... The images seem taken from a video game!

We've all seen documentaries or movies that are framed by the skyscrapers of Manhattan, but this video is on a whole new level! This drone makes a unique video of the Big Apple, leading to the discovery…

What would you do if the streets of your city turned into a long water slide?

The event "Slide The City" is a traveling event that moves from city to city, transforming the street into a long waterslide. By purchasing a ticket, the locals can drop as many times as they want for…

Paranormal activity in a Coffee Shop

Does the telekinesis really exist? An experiment with hidden cameras capture the reaction of some customers in New York in a coffee shop.

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