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The extraordinary video of this labrador who is dying to get in the sea !

The owner of this dog had the amazing idea to fix a GoPro on the back of his labrador, giving us an exciting video of this crazy race from the terrace of the house to the sea in Sicily.
Dogs GoPro

The rescue of two deers on a frozen lake

In the Lake Albert Lea there are two deers, no hope nor strength to continue to move forward. So James with his father decided to start a rescue mission with their hovercraft.
Animals Deers GoPro

This Helicopter jump must be a scary, but crazy experience !!

Even just looking at the video you can't escape the thrill that these people must have felt, when hanging from the helicopter. Immediately after the jump, however, the scare is replaced by the spectacular…

The thrill of launching down from the highest water slide in the world

Here's the opening descent performed on the verrückt water slide, the new attraction of the Schlitterbahn water park in Kansas City. As its name promises, which means "crazy" in German, the structure…

I can't imagine a more FRIGHTENING job than this one

Some jobs need to be done by the right people, people who may have a particular resistance and, as in this case, can't be afraid of heights. These brave workers for example can be found at the top of…
Curious GoPro Wtf

GoPro: Boy on a bike with the cat

Are we sure that only the dog is the man's best friend?
Animals Bicycle Cats Cute GoPro

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