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The beautiful experience of two surfers sharing the board with a new cute friend

The surfer Matthew Stanley had a nice surprise as he rode the waves of the North Sea, England. A baby seal after following Matthew and his friend for a while, decided to imitate them staying with them…
Animals Cute GoPro Surf

The thrill of launching down from the highest water slide in the world

Here's the opening descent performed on the verrückt water slide, the new attraction of the Schlitterbahn water park in Kansas City. As its name promises, which means "crazy" in German, the structure…

Pelican learns to fly

Incredible hd images taken by the GoPro carried by a pelican, an unforgettable trip to heaven!
Animals GoPro Nature

The rescue of two deers on a frozen lake

In the Lake Albert Lea there are two deers, no hope nor strength to continue to move forward. So James with his father decided to start a rescue mission with their hovercraft.
Animals Deers GoPro

GoPro: Boy on a bike with the cat

Are we sure that only the dog is the man's best friend?
Animals Bicycle Cats Cute GoPro

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