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We also need to have fun in some way

During a quiet Sunday around lunch time, the family has discovered a new game.
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The hero piglet saves the goat

Sometimes it is a fortune to be in the right place at the right time for both the one who recorded this scene and for the poor goat who was about to drown, but is rescued by a piglet. He certainly won…
Animals Goats Pigs Rescues

riding a bike with a goat !

When your goat asks you for a ride in the city center you certainly can't refuse. If it insist on wearing a helmet, yes it would be more difficult!

Little goats against the infinite patience of a horse

This beautiful horse would never have imagined that one day he would end up babysitting three crazy goats. As for his patience, He has a lot of it!!
Animals Funny Goats Horses

2 baby goats try to make friends with a cat: his reaction is just what you'd expect !!

No one could resist two baby goats jumping left and right ... No one but a cat! The cat Moo is the queen of this farm, and every day wanders to observe and control what happens. The goats, however, still…
Animals Cats Goats

The run of the goats that will put a smile on you !

These cute 44 goats are bred to be sold as pets or as dairy goats; for this reason they are used to interact with humans, and are allowed to take daily walks.

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