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10 photos of goats that do not care about the force of gravity

The animals that belong to the genus of goats (Capra aegagrus hircus) are extremely intelligent and easily adaptable to any type of environment. Together with sheep, they were the first to be tamed by…

These little kid goats are seriously CUTE! :)

Probably if you were asked to say what is the most likeable animal you would not answer --- goats! This is simply because you do not take goats immediately into consideration, but we are sure you will…
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A shepherd dog and a kid goat get acquainted --- Their behavior will make you smile!

Goats have the curious habit of always climbing up on some object that puts them in a more elevated position in relation to the ground around them. The goat kid, in the video, takes this natural tendency…
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This goat kid desperately needs a mother! -- How does the dog react?

Shadow is a beautiful white German shepherd. She is also terribly sweet, in fact, so much that she cannot help giving her cuddles and tender care to an animal that is very different from her own species.…
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These men notice a goat HANGING IN THE AIR attached to a cable --- and here's how they rescue it!

The life of a goat grazing free in the hills of Greece is certainly not an easy one. In addition to the normal dangers posed by its natural predators or steep cliffs, even a seemingly harmless power cable…

A baby goat tries to jump for the first time ... irresistible !

Puppies are very cute as they explore the surrounding environment and their bodies. This little goat can't even jump like a real goat and tries to imitate his friend's jumps. The first attempts fail but…

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