An unexpected TORNADO steals the show!

What a fright! Mason and Mia are two young American kids who had decided to shoot their first video when suddenly something went wrong. Totally unexpected, a tornado hits their house and their parents…

What happens when you mistake a toy stick for a ... snake?!

It is nighttime and of course, it is dark but Ms. Clara still decides to go out and look for her dog's toy. When she arrives near her gate she detects something on the ground and immediately reaches out…

A Boeing 737 makes a risky crosswind landing!

It must have been a landing that neither the passengers nor the crew members will forget anytime soon. At the airport in Prague, the weather conditions were not the best, with such a strong wind that…
Frights Planes Wtf

She goes out on a paddle board -- look what happens! Wow!

When you enter the water in places where the coasts are bathed by oceans there is always the fear of finding oneself face to face with a shark! Nevertheless, there are actually people like Viviana "Flute…

A vampire wanders in town, looking for blood !!! HILARIOUS PRANK !

With this very simple costume this guy manages to be very realistic, to the point that many people take it very seriously!!

Don't miss this prank of the mutant spider-dog, one of the most devilish I've ever seen

The secret for the success of a prank is to exploit the fears of people and by adding a little 'fantasy'. And so a little dog dressed up as a giant spider becomes a nightmare for those who are walking…

A boy sets up the SCARIEST wake up prank for his girlfriend !

In a couple, you know, it is very important to have fun, provoke and surprise each other. The boyfriend of this poor girl, however, must have lost it, and has organised a prank inspired by the horror…

The clumsy and disastrous maneuver to capture a huge spider

This is a risky attempt made by this man to capture this huge spider of the Sparassidae family. When this video was made it coincided with breeding season, where huge females venture in search of males.
Animals Frights Wtf

A fishing day this man will not forget

It looked like a normal fishing trip with the kayak but this fisherman realises he is not the only predator in the neighborhood: if you go fishing in shark waters, you can't expect to have exclusive rights…

The ring...in real life

Samara Morgan is back to make your life more frightening than ever ...
Fear Frights Wtf

The elevator prank !

This evil prank in Brazil exceeds every expectation. For the poor victims, being in a defective elevator is in itself a rather horrible experience, but to make matters worse...they are not alone!!
Frights Jokes Wtf

Ghost prank !!

A friend decides to take revenge and organises a truly diabolical joke filmed with two hidden cameras: the poor victim is literally shocked!
Frights Jokes Wtf

The Curse of Chucky

Attention to the advertising showcase near the bus stop ...

The most horrifying prank of 2013

One of the most successful horror candid camera. How scary !!

Devil baby terrorizes New York

Devil Baby is a remote-controlled robot that sows panic in the streets of New York

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