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Video Dolphines

The dolphin asking for help

An exciting video was shot by a group of sub off Hawaii, a dolphin with a fishing line stuck between the fin approaches the sub for help. BEAUTIFUL!

A drone capture an unusual event off the island of Maui

Captain Dave Anderson recently filmed and edited this 5 minute video with a drone in which appear hundreds of dolphins, gray whales and a humpback whale off the island of Maui. A beauty of nature of this…

A new and exciting friendship between the cat and the dolphins

Among the special friendships in the animal world this is without doubt one of the cutest. The two friends seem genuinely interested in each other, and exchange some love !

A dolphin often swims in this small port for a SURPRISING reason !

This incredible and not very common show is in the harbor of Tory island (Ireland). As soon as Ben the labrador sees Duggie the dolphin, he throws himself into the cold waters to swim with him. The villagers…

A dolphin swims nervously --- What is going to happen is a miracle of nature!

After 28 hours of labor, the dolphin named Katrl gave birth to a dolphin calf in an aquarium in Chicago! Observing, how this  Dolphin mom performs movements in the water to facilitate the birth of her…

A dog is waiting for his friends on a rock, look how he greets them ... Wow!

The dog Louie is located on a rock with the typical attitude of who's about to meet someone. Shortly after, as you'll see, his "special" friends arrive: nothing less than some dolphins that cross the…

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