Airport + Beach? The idea will blow you away! :)

If ever you find yourself in the area around Sint Maarten, an island country in the Caribbean, keep in mind that there is a beach, named the Maho Beach, which is frighteningly close to the only airport…
Beaches Planes Wtf

Some cute dogs arrive at the beach ... What they do will change your day!

The funny video you see has been created to show in an original way, what you can achieve with the training method known as the "mirror method" in which you use the normal inclination of dogs to imitate…
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A dachshund is in the mood to play, but his friend doesn't really like the idea !

The little dachshund Madeline has a clear idea of ​​who will be his playmate today. Too bad that the crab is not really convinced about it!
Beaches Cute Dogs Funny Sea

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