This little bat collided with a car and the video of its recovery is very entertaining

Have you had a bad day? These images will pleasantly distract you for a moment! By the way, are you terrorized by the idea of bats? Then these images will make you reconsider and redimension this fear!…
Bats Rescues Tenders

When this baby bat asks for help, something magical happens !

To many people it is difficult to think of bats as loving pets, but the truth as so often happens is different from what we normally think. This little bat was accidentally separated from its mother,…

a roof full of bats

The nightmares of some of you will probably become reality: a colony of bats made ​​up of dozens of specimens has been found under the tiles of a roof, in Miami. Despite the appearance, for many scary,…
Animals Bats Wtf

Looking after young bats orphans

Probably you've never seen them like this. An unexpected clinic in Australia is specialised to accommodate hundreds of baby bats, feeding them and looking after them before they can be put back into the…

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