No matter what --- we must follow our hearts!

Our first love almost always happens within the school walls, the place that influences so much of our lives and for such a long period of time. It is here that for the first time we set our eyes on…

A touching video about Alzheimer's ...

Alzheimer's, which strikes mainly people who are in the advanced age category, is one of those diseases that can go unnoticed. Yes, often overlooked or ignored, until it happens to someone close to us!…

A social message via the Rock–Paper–Scissors game!

Cartoons are able to express various concepts even those that are complex, due to their simplicity! In this short film,  we see three bitter enemies, which we have used very often in the "Rock–Paper–Scissors"…

Craving for success put their love at risk --- this delightful short will open your eyes!

Evie and Ivan began to love each other when they were very young, and to earn some money, they decided that Ivan would sell fresh orange juice and Evie would sell homemade lemonade. Unfortunately, between…

This short film has moved thousands of people! Watch it and you'll understand why! ;)

This short film was created as a thesis project at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, by the German animator Jacob Frey, who personally conceived, wrote, directed and animated the entire short film…

This dad wanted to transform the video of his son into something sensational!

The animator Daniel Hashimoto (who not surprisingly works for DreamWorks Pictures) could not do the usual boring video memory of his son. Being able to rely on his own abilities, he added a range of epic…

Wood or crocodile?

A short video where two animals confront their ideas ... A bit of irony, but with a clear message.
Animals Animation Cute Funny

El Empleo. Winner of the Berlin Film Festival

El Empleo, or "The employment" is the short film, winner at the Berlin Film Festival. The Argentine video is a symbol that represents the "pyramid" of the world of work in today's world.

MAN: the cruelty of man represented in a cartoon

An animation showing a man in a relationship with nature. Shocking but plausible with an ending that does justice.

Rollin Christmas

The Rollin' Wild Team wishes you a Merry Christmas with a nice animation !!!

What if the animals were round?

Some scenes of wildlife in the world of "Rollin 'Wild."

Do you want to feel like a baby? Watch the video!

The new tender teaser of "Frozen" (Disney).

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