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22 Acts Of Urban Vandalism That Will Surprise You With Their Genius

Vandalism is almost always considered to be a crime, but sometimes it is manifested in forms that can positively contribute to the appearance of a city. Vandalism can, in fact, give that touch of humor…

This Artist Transforms The Anonymous Facades Of Buildings Into Lively, Full-fledged Frescoes

We do not always realize that the environment around us has a lot of influence on our moods and therefore our way of seeing the world. When an artist comes to make a neighborhood more vibrant and beautiful,…

An Unusual Impromptu Violin Cover Of "Killing Me Softly"

It is not true that talent or skill is proportionate to fame, there are many musicians around the world who play or sing just for passion. Just like in this case! The street violinist performs the famous…

Watch A Talented Violinist As She Plays A Thrilling Cover Of "Hallelujah"

Lindsey Stirling is a talented musician who has become well-known especially thanks to the Internet. In fact, the young lady has a very successful YouTube channel on which she uploads videos of her performances…

With An Ed Sheeran Cover, A 12-year-old Girl Launches Her Career!

The goal of street artists is to be noticed by someone who subsequently helps them to find success or to perform in the streets to build by themselves a following that opens the door to bigger venues. …

Has Floating Silver Man's Secret Been Revealed?!

The floating man is a street magic trick that has left many children puzzled and excited and also a large number of adults. With this video, we would like to unveil the dynamics of this trick but something…

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