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"Rainworks" Only Show Up When It RAINS!

You do not necessarily have to be weather sensitive to feel a bit sad and depressed on rainy days. If it rains sporadically, rain can be fascinating and enjoyable, but when it continues for an entire…

Father And Daughter Play A Fantastic Guitar Cover!

When you decide to learn to play a musical instrument often you do it imagining being able one day to play a particular song. We do not know how or what got this nine-year-old girl interested in learning…

A Street Artist Has An Astonishing Talent!

Learning to play a musical instrument is not easy for anyone and often long hours of practicing force the less convinced to give up.  But imagine if you wanted to learn to play the guitar while being…

Two Talented Artists With Amazing Music And Body Movement!

What these two eccentric guys manage to create is pure magic! They transform the subway platforms into club and disco dance floors with their electronic music that is performed in a completely different…

Two Percussion Street Artists -- The Boy Is A Real Phenomenon!

Innate or natural born talent exists and this is confirmed when we see children, who without any special effort, master certain skills as if they were adult professionals!  Just look at this kid, how…

He Approaches A Busker --- She Is Excited When She Recognizes Him!

A busker aka street artist sees a man approaching her with some coins in his hand and after thanking him and looking at him she asked, "Are you Seal?". In fact, the girl had quickly recognized the famous…

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