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A Sensational Violin Performance By A Very Talented Street Artist!

His name is Viktor Angelov, and he is a very talented violinist from Macedonia who chose to play in one of the beautiful streets of Florence, Italy to become known to a vast international public! Viktor…

A Street Artist And An Unknown Woman Light Up A City Sidewalk!

This street artist had already gathered a large number of people around him but when he started singing a famous song by Bob Marley, he suddenly began to hear a strong female voice singing backup to his…

Watch This Astonishing Mandala Rainwork Street Art Reveal!

Rainy days are sad for everyone, but there is an artist who tries in every way to elicit a smile from people.  This artist does it, by spreading his very particular artwork on the sidewalks of the city. Thanks…

"Rainworks" Only Show Up When It RAINS!

You do not necessarily have to be weather sensitive to feel a bit sad and depressed on rainy days. If it rains sporadically, rain can be fascinating and enjoyable, but when it continues for an entire…

Father And Daughter Play A Fantastic Guitar Cover!

When you decide to learn to play a musical instrument often you do it imagining being able one day to play a particular song. We do not know how or what got this nine-year-old girl interested in learning…

A Street Artist Has An Astonishing Talent!

Learning to play a musical instrument is not easy for anyone and often long hours of practicing force the less convinced to give up.  But imagine if you wanted to learn to play the guitar while being…

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