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Chinese Guitar Child Prodigy Plays AC/DC On An ACOUSTIC GUITAR!

The good thing about the Internet is that talented people now have the opportunity to shine more easily! Case in point is this 12- year-old Chinese boy who without the use of Youtube would not have gotten…

Discover The Yaybahar ... An Amazing Musical Instrument!

If even musical instrument experts have never heard of this instrument, it is because this instrument the Yaybahar was invented only recently. In fact,  it took the Turkish musician, Görkem Şen, six…

Take A Look At This Rare Musical Instrument! Magnificent!

At the Universal and International Exposition of Brussels in 1910, the object that we present in this video was one of the great wonders to see! What is it? It is called an "orchestrion" and was invented…

A Five-year-old Indian Boy Plays Chopin Like A Master!

The talent with which some children approach and end up mastering musical instruments will never cease to enchant us, for both the technical levels that they can reach and the apparent ease with which…

Listen To This Man Who Is 81-years YOUNG Play This Guitar! Oh, Yeah!

Bob Wood is 80 years old and he had dropped into the British Audio guitar store in Nashville just to get an amplifier repaired. To pass the time while waiting, he asked if he could play a few chords on…

The Original "Pretty Woman" By Roy Orbison!

The success of a film is not only determined by choosing well-known actors! In fact, there is an infinity of other details that when combined together make a film a success. Among these, there is, of…

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