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With An Ed Sheeran Cover, A 12-year-old Girl Launches Her Career!

The goal of street artists is to be noticed by someone who subsequently helps them to find success or to perform in the streets to build by themselves a following that opens the door to bigger venues. …

Tribute To Brandon Rogers 10/30/1987 - 6/11/2017

Brandon Rogers participated in the 2017 auditions of America's Got Talent TV show, telling his story and proudly displaying his talent. He was a young 29-year-old family doctor with a wonderful voice…

Thermin And Voice Performance Of Morricone's "The Ecstacy Of Gold"

The theremin is a musical instrument that produces sound based on the physical principles of movement.  Playing the theremin does not involve the physical contact of the musician with the instrument…

A Baby Is Triggered By A Certain Song In An Amusing Way!

Amaya's mother says her little baby daughter, Amaya always falls asleep easily and of course the car seat is one of her favorite sleeping places. Nevertheless, whenever Amaya hears a particular song,…

His Little Son Is One Of His Biggest Fans!

When dad is a popular singer, with music in his blood, the progeny cannot be very different from the parent. The proof we can see in this video, filmed by a fan of Luke Bryan, an American country singer,…

Parvov Stelar --- He's In The Groove And He's Got The Moves!

The quality of the video says everything! A little bit of dancing in his bedroom with the door locked so as not to be disturbed by anyone, or not to be laughed at because of his strange moves and dance…

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