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See The Effect Of Accordion Music On These Cows!

Many of you know about the study conducted by the University of Madison in Wisconsin (USA), which showed an increase in production by 7.5% with milk cows who listened to classical music every day. The…

What Does A 1000-member Rock Band Sound Like?! Check It Out!

Can you say how many components make up the largest band in the world? Go ahead and make a guess! Well, the answer is beyond all imagination! The largest band is called the "Rockin 1000" and it is composed…

Leo Rojas Covers A Moving Instrumental Version Of "El Condor Pasa".

This song is more than a century old, but its melody has not ceased to touch and move people. It was written in 1913 by a Peruvian composer Daniel Robles and is a tribute to the people who live in the…

They Flash-mobbed Her Wedding Ceremony! Check It Out!

A wedding day is certainly one of those days that are difficult to forget, especially if during that day you experience extraordinary events like this. During the wedding ceremony of Neil and Tricia,…

Evan Le, The Musical Prodigy Who Has Charmed The World!

Do you recognize him?  He is Evan Le, the little genius who is just five years old but has already the musical skills of piano maestro. Incredible when you think that he received his first piano lesson…

Bruce Springsteen Is Still A Fantastic SHOW MAN!

When someone like Bruce Springsteen is called a legend of music, it is not only because of his voice or his ability to play musical instruments. His genius is also in the engaging and charismatic manner…

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