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Terms of use Upload Video

The service offered on the website, owned by PSYCODE S.R.L.s, allows users to upload their own videos, and any related content, for free and make them visible to other users.

The ownership of the videos and their contents belongs to the user who uploaded them, and the same, takes responsibility for the consequences of their publication.

WTVideo.com (hereinafter abbreviated as WTV) disclaims any liability with regard to the publication and content uploaded by users.

The user is responsible for sending and posting the videos, and by using the service he/she recognizes and guarantees that:

  1. Is over 18 years of age.

  2. The video and content uploaded are authentic and the user is the owner of the copyright as well as in possession of permits, licenses and authorizations to upload the material on WTV.

  3. Legally owns the video and related content that he/she intends to upload.

  4. As a content provider, the user is required to ensure that the material published by himself does not constitute a breach of copyright, moral rights, publication rights, or other intellectual property of third parties (television, film , advertisement, etc.), as well as not being an insult to other people (defamation, insult, etc.) or a violation of the protection of personal data of third parties, an offense to public order and decency (praise of crimes against humanity, incitement to racial hatred, publishing of child pornography or blasphemous content, etc.). Should any of the above conditions be breached, WTV will remove the content without the need of any official communication, and the user will be personally responsible for any sanctions related to the content subject of the complaint.

  5. To be in possession of disclaimers and have obtained all necessary consents for the publishing and use of the content from all the people involved, and therefore neither the video with its contents, nor the reproduction by WTV will result in the violation of third parties' rights.

  6. Is aware that WTV has no duty in monitoring and controlling the video

  7. The upload of the video and any additional content (title and description) entails the relinquishment to WTV of the right and license to use, adapt, modify, publish, reproduce and run the videos and additional content, in any media formats and through any platform or channel that WTV deems necessary for services and commercial activities and / or advertising, reserving the right to add subtitles or perform translations without approval from the user. The foregoing license is valid worldwide, non-exclusive, and does not involve any compensation for the author by WTV, which reserves the right to transfer it to a third party (sublicense).

  8. Fully renounces to any claim, having no right regarding the time permanence on WTV of the video and content it or of other users, who can be removed from WTV at any time, without notice and with full and absolute discretion, for being non-compliant and / or in violation of these Terms and / or of third parties' rights.

  9. If under the age of 18 to upload and post videos is necessary to send WTV a written authorisation from the parents.

  10. Is aware that the costs involved for the upload (internet connection) are on the user.

  11. Following the upload, the user renounces to all claims, rights and legal action against WTV regarding the videos and content associated to it, if information is missing, is inaccurate, is false and / or is in violation of their rights and / or those of third parties.

  12. Is aware that if WTV and / or its related companies are involved in any legal action or protective measures at the initiative of third parties, regarding the conduct or the way the service is used by the user, the same will have to ensure 'indemnity and hold harmless WTV and / or its affiliates from any damaging effects connected to these actions, as well as compensate losses, damages, costs, charges and expenses that may be incurred by WTV and / or its associated companies.

  13. Is aware that if WTV and / or its related companies are involved by third parties in judicial actions or protective measures as a result of breaching the rules or the incorrect use of the service by the user, the latter must ensure WTV and / or its related companies indemnity for any effect of damage related to the above actions, commiting to compensate all losses, damages, and any costs, charges and expenses incurred by WTV and / or its affiliates as a result of the use of the service.

  14. Is aware that the use of the service gives WTV full authority to process personal data for the performance of activities which it considers necessary.

  15. Once acquired, the licenses of the video and its contents will last until WTV will not deem necessary to remove or eliminate them.


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