A paradise for surfers -- inland?! YES!

For a surfer riding the crest of the perfect wave, is one of the greatest satisfactions of life! Of course, it is not always possible to find the right weather conditions or have the sea just a few…
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Two surfers are on the same board, but as soon as they stand up, you will be stunned!

Who you see in this video are not ordinary surfers. Chuck Inman and Lauren Oiye are the world champions of Tandem Surfing, where yoga and gymnastics are combined for a spectacular effect. As you can see,…
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They start to dig in the sand: what they're about to do leaves everyone speechless!

The river Waimea (Hawaii) is not usually popular among surfers, for its waves, but what you see in this video will change things for a few hours. After some guys started digging into the hill of sand…

The beautiful experience of two surfers sharing the board with a new cute friend

The surfer Matthew Stanley had a nice surprise as he rode the waves of the North Sea, England. A baby seal after following Matthew and his friend for a while, decided to imitate them staying with them…
Animals Cute GoPro Surf

Impressive way to create waves

An incredible way to create "fake" waves. Awesome !!
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