They're filming a squirrel on a balcony at the 21st floor: what he does shortly after will make them SCREAM!

We've all heard that cats have 7 lives, but seeing this video, perhaps we should also add squirrels in this lucky list ... A brave climber arrived somehow on a balcony at the 21th floor of a building…

3 small squirrels fall from the nest: it may seem absurd, but here is their new family ...

These lucky squirrels have fallen from their nest during a storm and, abandoned by their mother, they seemed to have no hope. The woman who found them, however, has decided to ask her neighbor, whose…

For this squirrel it gets very bad, but this guy will do anything to save him !

A squirrel, seemingly defenseless and so sweet, has a set of teeth that can pierce the most resistant materials and doesn't hesitate to use them in case of danger: for this reason it's not an exaggeration…

Squirrel Vs snake ! You don't see this happening very often !

A rodent and a snake are up against each other, but the winner is not who you think would be: the squirrel is determined to eat the reptile, which tries to defend itself vigorously. An incident like this…

Run squirrel RUN!

It's a matter of moments: this brave squirrel decides to cross a race track when a Lamborghini was passing at more than 160km / h. Surprisingly, perhaps with its tail a bit "damaged", the little squirrel…
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