They place a camera and send in a BALLOON in SPACE: here's the video found two years later !

Many of us dream to be able to travel in space, but probably almost no one will have the possibility to do so, at least for now. But with today's technology we can live some pretty exciting experiences:…
Space Wtf

The daughter of an astronaut needs help: what these cars do is ... out of this WORLD !

The message you see may not be there forever, but it certainly is huge! The young Stephanie misses her father, who works in the International Space Station. Thus, in agreement with Hyundai, they organize…

Enjoy the spectacular space launch of the Orion probe

The Orion Probe was launched from Florida on December 5th, 2014 in order to make a test flight for future moon and Mars missions. The probe has reached 5700 km making two Earth orbits before landing in…

Heart Planet in time-lapse

"All Alone in the Night" is the original title of this video made thanks to the images of the ISS (International Space Station) and tells the nights of our planet as seen from space

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