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A guy presents himself with a song by Queen and when he starts to sing, Celine Dion is also astonished!

Over the years, the voice of Freddie Mercury has been plagiarized and imitated, and most of the time badly! But not in the case of Marc Martel and the music critics also, agree! This guy is really talented…

A dog is sleeping in the back seats but she wakes up when she hears her favorite song and starts to "sing"

When it is said that dogs end up looking like their owner, it is not a joke! It is also true, most of all when it comes to habits and character, but what do you say about musical tastes?  The video filmed…

The heavenly voice of Father Ray Kelly overpowers the judges and the public at Britain's Got Talent TV show

Whether you like them or not, talent shows are now one of the most successful entertainment formats in the world. Their characteristic is to find the talents that are hidden in each of us or among us,…

Andrea Bocelli welcomes Ed Sheeran to his Italian home and when they begin to sing a duet --- it is sublime!

Since the day of his debut on the international music scene, Ed Sheeran has never disappointed his fans, literally turning out one success after the other. The same thing happened to another pillar of…

3 women come on stage and when they start to sing the judges witness an unexpected transformation

Anyone who comes on stage at the Britain's Got Talent TV show has the opportunity to catch the attention of a vast audience. Without a doubt, this is something that the trio of Filipino women who came…

Ten Men with ten times the power in song and dance!

As stated by them, the "Straight No Chaser" members, they take music very seriously, but do not do the same with themselves. For this reason seeing one of their performances is great! Of course, they…

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