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Would you get on the fastest roller coaster in the world?

With a top speed of 114.3 km / h, the Griffon roller coaster gets the record for the fastest built so far. Located in Virginia and opened in 2007, has won the applause of fans entering the ranking of…

This INSANE ride will take your breath away!

The "Talocan", at the amusement park Phantasialand in Bruhl (Germany), is a mix of whirling, water jets and fire explosions, capable of leaving their visitors completely disoriented.

She's persuaded by her husband to get on the ride ... but it's NOT a good idea!

This video gives an important message: never be persuaded by someone to do something you're not convinced about! This woman knows it well:; she naively was persuaded by her husband to get on this roller…
Rides Wtf

Swiss engineers have been working on this for three years: this new ride will make you cringe!

The Swedish company Airtimers has just unveiled its newest project, the Turbillon, perhaps destined to revolutionize the concept of "ride". Although the speed may not seem excessive, the triple rotation…
Rides Wtf

A giant water slide and a breathtaking panorama! Do Brazil!

In a water park, there is the possibility to stay all day and relax under a large beach umbrella or to spend the whole day taking advantage of the various water park game facilities. If you are one those…
Brasil Funny Rides

It looks like a normal swing for children, but it hides a brilliant feature

What you see is the !Expression Swing" and is a special swing designed to facilitate interaction between the parent and the child. In this way, in fact, the parent doesn't just push the baby like in normal…

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