The vet told the owner to give up hopes, but instead, this is what she did!

When this female rabbit was found partially paralyzed by a woman named Melanie, understandably the vet told her there were no hopes. But she didn't give up and began to inquire about the life of disabled…

A snake catches a baby rabbit, but when the mother arrives, things change!

When you think of courage and determination, certainly rabbits are not the first animal that comes to mind. At least not until now. Surprisingly these animals can be very protective of their young to…
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Mummy cat and her special adopted cub

This loving cat gives a lesson on what it means to be a good mom, even when a young rabbit needs help. In fact, when the mother rabbit died, after only one week, no one expected in such a providential…
Animals Cats Rabbits Tenders

Bunny enjoying a bath !

Because in life there's who can enjoy a super hot bath in the sink and who can't...

Girl vs Japanese Rabbits

The Japanese island of Okunoshima is known as the island of the rabbit, for its huge population of wild rabbits. Seeing is believing!

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