This photographer has managed to capture the tender friendship between a dog and an owl

The stories of friendships born and cultivated among animals belonging to very different species are not uncommon. Whether they are dogs, moose, geese, pigs or birds, they all have a lot to teach us,…
Animals Dogs Owls

See these two very unlikely friends play together!

Friendships between animals of different species are always very curious, but the incredible relationship between these two animals will make you really understand how well they know how to go beyond…

This cute owl really loves his owner

This little owl doesn't want to leave his owner's while he is busy drawing with a graphics pen. Probably he wants in one way or another leave his mark in the project!
Animals Funny Owls

Two tiny owls with curious movements

The ability of the owl to move the head in various directions is very well known, but the way these two little ones do it, is adorable: perched on a log, they follow the camera with funny and coordinated…

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