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A little girl sleeps alongside a 110 lb pitbull and to keep it warm, before falling asleep, she covers it with blankets

Children often feel that they have more or less well-founded fears with the most common ones being fear of the dark, of the monster under the bed or fear arising from real-life traumatic events. Little…
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A teenager lost her life after her smartphone exploded on her pillow as she listened to music

The news of smartphones that catch fire or explode, unfortunately, are not rare, and in recent years they have followed each other with a certainly not reassuring frequency. Bearing in mind that such…

A mother encourages her daughter to consider plastic surgery to be successful in life

Good parents should encourage their children to pursue their dreams, to grow up learning to behave in a  respectful manner towards others and above all to accept themselves. In addition, this self-acceptance…

A woman buys fast food for a group of homeless people then they are all asked to leave

Sometimes, if you have the possibility, you try to do good to others with the means you have at your disposition. Often, just a simple gesture or a small effort that may seem obvious can improve the day…

Heavy fines for the parents of students who are bullies in three US cities

Phenomena such as bullying and cyber-bullying have now become more and more commonplace. Cases of abuse, insults, and bullying that once seemed isolated, today, due to the growth and swift spread of social…

She tries to feed the homeless but the food finishes after only a few minutes! A McDonald's manager decides to help her.

The list of things on Earth that are not going as they should is really long and are enough to discourage a lot of people and make them believe that it is almost impossible to change the situation. Harmful…

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