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A professor obliges his students to lock up their smartphones and he starts a "trend" among his colleagues.

Teaching methods in schools change quickly, having to take into consideration the rapid changes that take place from generation to generation. In fact, today's children are born in the age of smartphones…

Not to pass on respect for animals to children has very sad consequences

Educating children is a really complex, but crucial subject which goes from good manners to good nutrition to respect for animals and more. An incident in the Jihlava Zoo - a city in the Czech Republic…

In Greece --- two terrified poodles save themselves from a wildfire by hiding in an oven

Wildfires this summer have brought Greece to its knees, materially and spiritually. There have been 47 wildfires, due to arson, which, started on 23 July 2018 in the area northeast of Athens, that have…
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A blind man is brought to tears when NO ONE allows him to sit in the seats reserved for the disabled!

Our cities are full of architectural barriers, and we do not understand just how dangerous and humiliating they are for those who have to deal with them. In fact, a person who, in addition to his or her…

We are losing the ability to enjoy important moments - This photo makes it clear

Young people who lose their life trying to take daredevil "high risk" selfies, people with problems of neck pain, and insomnia related to the excessive use of smartphones! What other signals are we waiting…

20 satellite photos showing how climate change is transforming our planet

There is something wrong with our planet and we experience it every day personally. The clothes in our closets do not match what is required for external temperatures. Either there is a sudden frost or…

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