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A 17-year-old student is sent home because her dress "makes the teacher uncomfortable"

When it comes to school, every student has the duty to respect the rules and to adapt to the standards promoted by the institution. It is about learning discipline and respect for the rules and obviously…

A teacher takes care of the newborn brother of one of her pupils: at the boy's home, they all have Covid

When the situation is at its worst and the moment of need makes itself felt, people are capable of extraordinary acts of kindness and solidarity that sweep away any doubts about the drift of indifference…

A charity builds innovative temporary shelters to give homeless people a safe place to sleep

Having a roof to sleep under, eat and live with your family is a privilege that we too often take for granted; there are hundreds of thousands of homeless people who would give everything to have a corner…

A grandfather gets mad at the kindergarten teacher for allowing his 2-year-old grandson to wear a dress

Parents and teachers are crucial figures for a child's development and both should be able to vouch for their education. When it comes to figuring out how best to educate a child, however, teachers are…

A baker starts a hunger strike against the expulsion from the country of his young Guinean apprentice

As we know, not everyone is born with the good fortune of having a family behind them, a home and an assured future. In many areas of the world it is already a lot to be able to be born - surviving, then,…

A grandmother puts the thief who tried to rob her at an ATM on the run: "You're not having my money, I earned it!"

Although the hope of a better world should always be kept alive in each of us, we must never forget the right amount of prudence: "trust is good, but not trusting is better", says the proverb. An elderly…

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