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Husband hides his Covid-19 symptoms to see the birth of his son; now his wife is infected as well

A man from New York City hid his Covid-19 symptoms from hospital staff to witness the birth of his son, as reported by USA Today. It's no secret that New York has been struggling to contain the virus;…

Liam, a 30-year-old suffering from luekemia sacrificed his own life to save other patients infected by the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus epidemic carries pain and suffering with it wherever it goes. Even if we don't personally know anyone right now who has been affected by the virus, the chances are becoming more likely…

The borders are closed but they meet every day at the border just to be together: they are over 80 years old

They don't miss a day without seeing each other: Inga, 85, lives in Denmark, while Karsten, 89, lives in Germany. With the Coronavirus epidemic in the world, many countries have closed their borders,…

A restaurant chain owner waives 1-year of his salary to pay all his employees

No salary or bonus, this year, for the CEO of American restaurants Texas Roadhouse: with the Coronavirus epidemic in progress, not only in Europe but also in the United States, the president of the well-known…

A son goes to have a good time with friends during the covid emergency , on the return the father does not let him re-enter his home.

A New York father refused to let his 21-year-old son return to their home after the Springfield College student went to South Padre Island, Texas for the spring break. This is because he feared that many…

Coronavirus: Expert's advice on how to disinfect groceries at home to reduce risk of contamination

The Coronavirus pandemic is a crisis to which we have all grown accustomed by now. Our daily lives, as well as our social interactions, have changed drastically in just a matter of weeks. Governments…

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