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The silent suffering of the elderly "abandoned" in retirement homes

As absurd as it might seem nowadays, the abandonment of the elderly by adult relatives or children who have raised a family is more frequent than it may appear at first glance. Whether they are left in…

Brad Pitt transported and hand delivered crates full of food for the neediest people in his city

When duty calls, not even one of the biggest movie stars on the planet holds back. Sure, many will wonder if it's all a publicity stunt to attract more media attention, but someone like Brad Pitt, who…

An 81-year-old man can't visit his hospitalized wife, so he serenades her from the hospital courtyard

The new, but widely-known, anti-Covid restrictions have begun to become increasingly stringent and have come to underline how important social distancing is to avoid the spread of new infection. Social…

"Ask a child's for permission before changing their nappies": a psychologist's opinion raises a bitter discussion

Raising and educating children is not a simple thing, the difficulties that every parent has to face day to day are numerous and it is certainly not easy to always be able to carry on with serenity with…

More and more people refuse to use the automatic checkout machines to pay: "they take away jobs"

Over the past few decades, technology has truly changed many aspects of our society. We just have to look around to realize that electronics have become much more affordable for everyone and for many…

"A woman has the right to not want children": a girl's outburst gathers thousands in agreement

Choosing whether to have children or not is something extremely personal, and no one should ever assume the right to judge that choice. There are many factors which can influence the desire to have or…

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