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Mom disinfects the playground equipment in the park before letting her daughter play - many people think this is too much

In times of a pandemic, it's natural to be a little more apprehensive about our health, we are all learning to live with the Coronavirus in a way that we did not think was possible: using a protective…

A young man quits because his employer denies him holidays: he's overwhelmed by a wave of criticism

Finding a good job is a problem that affects many, young and old, who, by now, lend themselves to carrying out, more or less, any type of work. Working means being able to plan a future, it means not…

"I'm very afraid": this doctor explains why he decided to resign after 40 years of health service

During the difficult fight against Covid-19, it was the health workers and doctors on the front line who experienced the tragedy of the patients hospitalized by this virus that has claimed victims all…

"I wasn't ready": a working mom explains in tears why 12 weeks of maternity leave are not enough

Having a baby is not a walk in the park and after giving birth a woman needs to stay home and rest and recover for a certain period. Staying home to rest but having to take care of a newborn seem to be…

He pays his employees wages for 11 months, but then discovers that in the meantime they have found other jobs

In a period as difficult for everyone as the one we are going through around the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many everyday work activities have been impossible for almost a year, with most of…

"Offer my dose to her": at 91 years old he gives his Covid vaccine to the desperate mother of a disabled person

With the start of mass vaccination around the world to counter the infection from Covid-19 and to make sure that we can return to normal everyday life as soon as possible, there are millions of requests…

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