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Thanks to his intuition, this young man saved an 8-year-old girl from a kidnapping attempt

Cody Byrd is the classic person who found himself in the right place—at the right time! We could not use more appropriate words to describe the North Carolina student who prevented the kidnapping of…

This woman is captured on a surveillance camera while abandoning 10 cats and a dog by the roadside

Adopting a pet does not just mean playing with it, cuddling it, and having fun. Taking care of a four-legged friend is also and above all a responsibility. For this reason, welcoming a dog or cat into…

A man contracted a potentially fatal infection due to his bad habit of biting his nails

You just have to look around to notice that biting one's nails is a really widespread habit. Stress, anxiety, nervousness or a simple habitual gesture that a person may not even realize are just some…

A sign has been displayed informing all mothers that in this bar that they can breastfeed their baby in peace

As is to be expected, not all public places are hospitable to new mothers who breastfeed in public - as a result, initiatives like the one we present today automatically become noteworthy. The striking…

This woman cries from desperation when she sees the devastation caused by a bushfire that destroyed her refuge for kangaroos

The situation in Australia is still far from being under control. The flames have devastated the "island" continent and it seems that we are just starting to get more information about what really sparked…

A little girl sleeps alongside a 110 lb pitbull and to keep it warm, before falling asleep, she covers it with blankets

Children often feel that they have more or less well-founded fears with the most common ones being fear of the dark, of the monster under the bed or fear arising from real-life traumatic events. Little…
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