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A woman purposely coughs on a one-year-old just because he is Hispanic: she is now wanted by the police

Life and the people around us have accustomed us to think that there is often no end to the worst sort of behavior. Although this is not always true and there are many positive and inspiring stories,…

A young woman defends her master's thesis hours after giving birth

Giving birth and defending her thesis is not something that Elisa Floreani expected to do all in one day. Expecting parents perhaps would like to think that they have control over when the baby comes,…

Garbage man saves the life of an elderly woman after realizing she hadn't taken her trash out for 2 weeks

Sometimes it's the little things that makes a person happy. In extreme cases, even the smallest gestures can make the difference in a person's life. In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, small gestures…

A 43-year-old nurse shows the effects of Covid-19 on his body after 1 month of intensive care

If we still have reason to doubt the serious risks posed by Covid-19, we can listen to the words of Mike Schultz, an American nurse who found himself in intensive care for 4 weeks. After contracting the…

At 9 he invented a machine to wash his hands without touching the tap to he prevent contagion from Covid-19

Kenya has also been hit by the Coronavirus and there are those who have not wasted time trying to make their "small" contribution to the cause: Stephen Wamukota, a 9-year-old boy, invented a machine that…

After 8 weeks on a ventilator, a dad is cured of Covid and returns in time for his son's birthday

A beautiful fairy tale with a happy ending happened to this splendid family of four from Essex, England. The father of the family, Omar Taylor, was hospitalized because of the Coronavirus and for 8 weeks…

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