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Child falls from a slide in the playground and gets hurt: his father decides to repair it rather than sue the municipality

Every parent has the well-being of their children at heart - no one would want their child to get hurt, especially if they are playing in an area where there should be no danger. At the playground, for…

Company donates £ 1,000 ($1,300) to each of its 86 employees to help them fight rising gas and electricity prices

Being a good boss is not easy: managing your employees and treating them with respect but, at the same time, also keeping an eye on the turnover of your company can be challenging. There are those who,…

Woman wins £ 1 million in an online lottery, but company refuses to pay out: "It's a technical error"

Who wouldn't want to win a million pounds? These days, trying your luck and winning a large amount of money would solve a lot of problems for most people. Lady Luck rarely smiles on us and is reserved for…

Young mother gives birth in the tunnels of the Kiev metro: "It's a small miracle"

Despair and desperation also impose duties on one and this is perhaps how a young Ukrainian woman gave birth to her beautiful daughter in the underground tunnels of the Kiev metro, in a truly stressful…

Mother crosses the Ukrainian border and saves a stranger's two, young children

There are stories that cannot help but move us to tears - stories of humanity, of courage and of extreme solidarity that once told or once read, can forever change the way we see the world and the people…

Young woman gives birth to a premature baby, but is forced to return to work after only 12 days of maternity leave: a new mother's plea

Every mother needs to stay at home for a while with her baby immediately after giving birth. If this applies to anyone, we are referring in particular to working mothers who have legally obtained a certain…
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