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The firewood has been lit but needs a boost! A guy decides to use his Harley Davidson!

The appropriate area had been chosen, the rocks have been placed around the campfire, and the firewood is ready to be ignited and to burst into flames!  To really start the bonfire, it needs a boost,…

This dog thinks it is possible to BITE water! Crazy?!

Every once in a while, our beloved motorcycle should be washed and polished, but if there is someone who wants to "help" you at all costs like your energetic and enthusiastic four-legged friend then it…

A dream come true! This motorbike can do it all!

Bike lovers, now you no longer have to consider the idea of being able to switch from land to water with the same vehicle as something crazy or impossible! Now a means of transport that allows this fantastic experience…

He goes with his bike on a rollercoaster: what he does is scary!

When it comes to extreme sports, there is almost no limit to what people have in mind to do. It follows that a motorcycle champion as Julien Dupont may decide to go down a scary roller coaster in an amusement…

He is by far the COOLEST bulldog in town !

Even dogs have their own personality, and there is no denying that this is a tough bulldog! Look at him going around, riding his motorcycle nodding to people!
Dogs Funny Motorbike

Having fun in a big puddle with his motorbike: the show is amazing!

The performance of this rider would be phenomenal if carried out on a dry road. The fact that everything is done in a deep puddle just increases the difficulty and makes it an even better show!

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