The best-laid plans for ... mice! :)

Mice can be very cute but they become much less adorable when they sneak into your home and start eating your food, munching on your electrical wiring, your furniture, and endangering your health. Unfortunately,…
Mice Useful

Keep mice away without killing them --- with a natural repellent!

Do you want to keep mice and insects away from your home garden but do not want to resort to the use of chemicals? Well, in that case, the many uses of plants can reveal themselves to be very useful.…
Green Mice Tricks

How does a mouse knock on the door ? You will not believe it until you see it with your eyes

That mice are very intelligent and fast learning animals is not a secret, but I've never seen a mouse that rings the bell to et a door open ...! This cute rodent approaches a closed door, impossible to…

Here's how easily a RAT can come up the toilet PIPES

We often think that the most recurrent nightmares are only miths, but unfortunately in this case it is not. The possibility that a rat is in the pipes of your bathroom and comes for a visit, is by no…

Probably you HATE these animals, but you can't deny that what they can do is AMAZING

No need to bring up the plague to realize that the reputation of the rats is not the best one, or at least it was not until very recently. These animals were in fact always considered carriers of disease…
Animals Mice Wtf

I'm a Mouse and I'm not afraid of you !!

A brave mouse fearlessly launches itself against 4 cats, making them understand that not all mice are equal.
Animals Cats Curious Funny Mice

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