Taekondo Teen Champion wins world record!

This sixteen-year-old Bosnian named Kerim Ahmetspahic is a martial arts athlete, more specifically a Taekwondo teen champion. On this occasion, Kerim, was put to the test during a live exhibition that…

This chid is doing the exam for the white belt: what happens next surprises even the instructor

Martial arts such as Taekwondo are based on physical strength as much as on the determination and strength of mind. And this child really seems to have it all, who doesn't give up even when the table…

A very shy girl walks into a gym, but has an "explosive" secret ... !

As experience shows, you should never trust appearances! In this video you see a Muay Thai champion going to a gym to prank some instructors. With a perfect disguise, she looks like a shy and very clumsy…

What this 5 year old boy can do will leave you speechless !

There is no doubt that this child is a big fan of the great Bruce Lee, but it is very likely that he's also the direct heir! The way Ryusei (5 years old) perfectly mimics the film behind him, is truly…

The bear practicing Kung Fu

A funny video where a bear shows the martial arts skills

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