How to make delicious egg-free cream custard!

Custard is a culinary preparation that is essential for filling tasty pastry desserts and also not bad to just eat with a spoon! For these reasons, we offer a version that combines taste and lightness…

Surprisingly delicious Stuffed Zucchini Rolls!

If you like surprises, then do not miss out on this delicious recipe that you can prepare for any occasion --- stuffed zucchini rolls! Where's the surprise? It's the delicious and original filling, hidden…
Food Kitchen Light

Carrot Parmesan Garlic Fries!

By now it is common knowledge that there is a way of cooking food in a healthy way without sacrificing flavor, you just need to turn on your imagination! Today, we present a recipe for baked carrot fries,…
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A delicious lemon chicken recipe!

Lemon chicken is a classic combination that is prepared in many different ways, but none is a faster, more palatable version than the one that is cooked in a skillet. The ingredients, as you can imagine,…

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