They bring home four small orphan hedgehogs, but they don't know that someone is going to adopt them

For a young hedgehog to survive without the help of the mother is practically impossible in the first few weeks of life, just like the puppies of other animals. For this reason, the situation you see…

They could hear noises in the garden: a cute baby hedgehog was stuck in a can !

Considering that the number of hedgehogs is continuously decreasing due to the reduction of their environment and the fact that many are killed by cars, this rescue is really important and valuable.

Kitten and hedgehog meet for the first time

The video shows the first meeting between Harley the hedgehog and Loki the kitten. After the first few moments of confusion, it seems that the situation is slowly relaxing. In Canada, the law allows you…

Bath time for a cute hedgehog

All pets should be cleaned, and bath time is not always appreciated. This cute hedgehog after a moment of uncertainty, seems to relax and be comfortable, floating in its characteristic position.

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