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Video Halloween

It may seem like a normal light show for the holidays, but look at the top window ...

What looks like a normal house is instead a frightening but great light and music show. To the tune of "This Is Halloween" from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, lights literally come alive, making…
Halloween Houses Wtf

Check these 6 amazing haloween tricks...easy and creepy !!

Trick or treat!!?? Halloween is arriving and if you haven't got time to prepare all the decorations check this video out: it will give you some great ideas !

They leave sweets out of the house for Halloween, but something awful happens..

An American family, out for dinner on Halloween night, wanted to do a little experiment. On the veranda of the house they placed a table with sweets and a sign that says: "Help yourself, but THINK ABOUT…

These 27 masked dogs are HILARIOUS!!

A fantastic compilation of dogs dressed up for halloween, made even more enjoyable by the fact that most of them are unaware of how they appear and try to play it cool, like nothing has happened.
Dogs Funny Halloween

This porcupine loves halloween pumpkins !!

This porcupine is called Teddy Bear and was bred at the Zooniversity in Dallas. Known to all for his very cute voice, doesn't mind the presence of men, especially when he receives tasty presents, such…

He's terrified by the Halloween decoration, but look what his sister does to protect him !

Halloween is such an irresistible tradition for children, and is now celebrated in many countries where historically it was not present. The secret is also in children's curiosity in this, joyful yet…

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