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Video Fishing

Fishing has never been so easy !

The silver carp is an invasive species that lives in North America and has the feature to jump out of the water when frightened. In this case, the small size of the channel and the high density of the…
Curious Fishing Funny Wtf

Huge fish without a rod !

A lucky fishing, even considering the almost total absence of equipment. This fisherman has in fact just taken a giant yellowtail: excellent grip and excellent release.

Fishing a 100KG fish

Yuri Griseldi fights for several minutes to catch a giant fish in the Po river, which weighs over 100 kg.

I never thought you could fish like this !!

A truly original way to fish. Surely it can't be the nicest method but the result is guaranteed.

Extreme fishing in rough sea

You must have a really brave and experienced crew to bear the weight of such a situation: Two daring fishing boats, challenge the Grey River current, in New Zealand, in a battle with the waves.
Fishing Follies Sea Wtf

A man struggles to wind the line: a few seconds later you'll see why ... WOOOW!

Who has a passion for fishing will envy this man, who is fishing in a kayak, and is surprised by something very big. Considering, in fact, the fishing rod, it is clear that there is something big on the…

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