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If you love to be out on the water -- this invention is for you!

For anyone with a passion for getting out on the water, an invention that is really useful has arrived! Having your own boat definitely has many positive aspects, but the inconvenience of having to tow…

What this fisherman catches is a TOTAL SURPRISE!

In Pennsylvania, winter temperatures are very severe, and fishermen during the cold winter months go ice fishing. This video shows the very moment when a man who had dropped his fishing line into a frozen…

What is inside the net is a BIG SURPRISE!

When fishermen go out on a fishing trip, they always hope to come back home with a huge haul, but what happened to this group of Russian fishermen is beyond belief! After having hoisted their large net…
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A man struggles to wind the line: a few seconds later you'll see why ... WOOOW!

Who has a passion for fishing will envy this man, who is fishing in a kayak, and is surprised by something very big. Considering, in fact, the fishing rod, it is clear that there is something big on the…

He catches a shark, but a grouper eats it in one bite !

A off the coast of Florida a shark bait the hook of a fisherman and he tries to bring him aboard. In the meantime, however, a sea grouper sets his sights on an easy snak: and with a lightning attack he…
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This fish doesn't give up and takes his revenge !

These divers were doing underwater fishing with a harpoon when this huge fish decided he would not return home without a prize. And so, he tasted the flipper and then moved on something more tastier.
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