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Video Ducks

Ducklings and the challenging stairs !

The sweetest of families trying to climb some stairs. Often when these animals live in the city they can find unexpected obstacles, almoast impossible to overcome !

These ducklings could be in danger, but look what happens!

When the three ducklings were abandoned, no one could know that they would find another loving mother to look after them. Above all, no one could expect that this adoptive mother was not a duck.
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Mother duck attracts the attention of a police officer to save her ducklings

An entire brood ended up in a drain and mother duck's agitation attracts the agents who manage to bring the cute little family to safety.

The sweetest cat adopting ducks

A wonderful family: mother cat, kittens and ducks!
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The slide for the ducks

The little ducks that come down the chute ...
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First swim for these neglected ducks

A group of ducks get in the water for the first time after living several years in cages without proper feeding and without access to water. Two dozen birds are freed and at first, as is understandable,…
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