Having fun in a big puddle with his motorbike: the show is amazing!

The performance of this rider would be phenomenal if carried out on a dry road. The fact that everything is done in a deep puddle just increases the difficulty and makes it an even better show!

It seems impossible that a car can do all of this

It's hard to believe it watching this car move smoothly on steep snow-covered slopes. This gem is the Nissan GT-R and it is a car designed by Nissan Motor sports coupe with the intention of creating a…

Kawasaki ZX10 vs Corvette RX7 - drift battle

Incredible drift challenge between Nick "Apex" Brocha (Kawasaki ZX10) e Jim Guthrie (Corvette RX7)...
Cars Drift Motorbike

Mad Mike - Drift in New Zealand!

Mad Mike Whiddett hurtling in New Zealand between Queenstown and Wanaka ... SPECTACULAR!

Ken Block - Need For Speed

The last performance of Ken Block for the game Need For Speed ​​...
Cars Drift Motors Sport

Ken Block: when perfection travels on four wheels

For those who still don't know him, he is an extraordinary pilot, Ken Block. In this video he shows us his undoubted talent in the streets of San Francisco
Cars Drift Motors Rally Spectacular

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