It doesn't seem possible that someone could pass unharmed a path like this!

The champion Claudio Caluori back in the bike for a crazy downhill on the winding path of the Mont Sainte Anne, Canada; despite a fall mainly due to heavy rains, he gives us one of the most exciting video…

The very steep downhill on mountain bike

The champion Kelly McGarry goes through slopes, steps and ramps in a dizzying descent during the Taxco Urban Downhill race in Mexico.
Downhill Follies Wtf

Downhill Canyon - Kelly McGarry Red Bull Rampage 2013

Would have have the courage to go down there!?

Pure madness at the RedBull Valparaiso 2014

A video clip, made ​​with the GoPro, of the Redbull Valparaiso 2014 event show the crazy downhills which are now very famous for being dangerous.

The most insane urban downhill

Definitely a route full of emotions: winding track, steep steps, huge jumps, high speed driving, all surrounded by a large crowd which gathered along the edges of the path. All of this is the Red Bull…

The most reckless Downhill

The downhill bike more reckless than ever ... Downhill Brazil ...

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