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Video Coca Cola

This girl puts half a liter of coca cola in the toilet...What happens next will leave you speechless!

A nice experiment with disturbing consequences: the corrosive power of coca cola can be used to clean different surfaces, mainly because it is much cheaper than cleaning products. The message of the video,…

What happens if we boil Coca Cola?

For the series: "disturbing chemical reactions". Here is what happens if you bring to boil a coca cola. What remains is mostly glucose, and the quantity contained in a small bottle of this soft drink…

He mixes milk and coke: after 6 hours, the result is impressive !!

Sometimes it curious to learn more about the composition or chemical properties of widespread drinks. So why not try to mix them with each other? This experiment shows that, mixing Coca Cola and milk,…

Pour some coca cola on some rust: in just a few seconds it will no longer be a problem !

Did you know that also the bumper of your car can shine again thanks to coca cola? Just pour some on it, 'let it stay a few seconds, and rub vigorously. It will be Like new!

These shy students take a coke, but the bottle holds a surprise!

During the first day of college, and in general in all situations in which embarrassment is strong, it's important to find an excuse to break the ice. Coca Cola has thought of this with this original…

How much sugar is there in a can of coke ?

The message of this video is indeed very direct and simple: that cola drinks contains sugar, like other similar drinks, is not hard to imagine, but could you say exactly how much ?

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