Watch the mesmerizing birth of a chameleon!

The ability of chameleons to change color has always fascinated us, but have you ever wondered when do they start to manifest this ability?  Well, watching this video you will discover that it is a very…

What this chameleon does with soap bubbles is a real show!

Popping soap bubbles seems to be an irresistible game not only for children or dog puppies: also Laura the chameleon seems to have a real passion for this game, and with its unmistakable style, it pops…

This man picks up a strange egg and after a few moments, something starts to move !

An amazing new life: this tiny adventurer is ready for the big battles of his life, but in the meantime he won the first one, by gettin out of the egg. The thrill to see him open his eyes and look around…

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