A giant water slide and a breathtaking panorama! Do Brazil!

In a water park, there is the possibility to stay all day and relax under a large beach umbrella or to spend the whole day taking advantage of the various water park game facilities. If you are one those…
Brasil Funny Rides

In front of a 13 feet anaconda I'd run away without thinking twice !

During a boat trip in Brazil these brave sailors encounter a huge anaconda, maybe about 4.5 meters long. These dimensions, however, are normal for an adult yellow anaconda.
Brasil Snakes Wtf

How a deaf-blind person follows a football game

With the approach of the opening of the 2014 World Cup, someone wanted to think about who can't follow a foorball game. So with somegood will and exercise, Carlos, who is deaf-blind, is able to enjoy…

Do not press the Red Button!

In a park in Brasil, one of the most insane pranks ever made!!

The most reckless Downhill

The downhill bike more reckless than ever ... Downhill Brazil ...

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