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Willie Jones Stuns The Crowd And The Judges With This Song ...

He arrives on stage visibly excited but ready to demonstrate that in addition to his natural sweetness there is also talent. Furthermore, although often aspiring singers trying to make their mark, bring…

Watch These Crazy Ping-pong Ball Trick Shots!

His name is Andrew Borys and in life, he does many things! He studies economics, makes videos, participates in marathons . . . and he launches ping pong balls! It may seem a silly pastime but what this…
Golf Talents Wtf

Evan Le, The Musical Prodigy Who Has Charmed The World!

Do you recognize him?  He is Evan Le, the little genius who is just five years old but has already the musical skills of piano maestro. Incredible when you think that he received his first piano lesson…

Look At What This Three-year-old Drummer Boy Can Do! Astounding!

The inexperience of children definitely helps them to deal with situations that would embarrass an adult. In fact, just look at this three-year-old boy as he walks with ease onto the stage, in front of…

A Cover Of "Amazing Grace" That Will Pull On Your Heartstrings ...

Since they joined together in 2003 the members of the singing quartet Il Divo have been able to delight the ears of millions of people.  In their repertoire certainly, this famous song could not be missing!…

Wonderful Father And Daughter Cover Of "You've Got A Friend In Me"!

Claire Ryann is a beautiful young girl who has been singing pretty much since she discovered she that she could talk! When Claire was only three years old, she became an internet sensation singing the…

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