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This 13-year-old's Voice Touches The Heart And Soul ...

Calista Clark is only thirteen years old and yet there is something about her that makes her sing as if she were already a successful artist and this is without a doubt due to her immense talent. When…

Bottle Flipping Like You Have NEVER Seen It Done Before!

On 06 December 2016, Professor Marshall forbade his pupils to play the bottle flip challenge game in class. This is a game where each player tries to flip a plastic bottle 360° and make it land perfectly…

With An Ed Sheeran Cover, A 12-year-old Girl Launches Her Career!

The goal of street artists is to be noticed by someone who subsequently helps them to find success or to perform in the streets to build by themselves a following that opens the door to bigger venues. …

Tribute To Brandon Rogers 10/30/1987 - 6/11/2017

Brandon Rogers participated in the 2017 auditions of America's Got Talent TV show, telling his story and proudly displaying his talent. He was a young 29-year-old family doctor with a wonderful voice…

Marvelous Robot Dancer! Dytto -- Real Or Fake?!

On YouTube, her most popular video is the one where she dances in a version of the famous Barbie Girl song and when you see how this girl can move, you will understand why she attracts millions of views…

Johnny Manuel Restarts His Career With A BANG!

In the world of music, as in many others, sometimes unexplained events can occur. Seeing this video, in fact, you wonder --- how is it that somebody broke a record contract with this guy?  His voice…

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