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Two Guys -- A Red-haired Girl --- And A Piano!

The shopping mall comes alive thanks to these two men who engage in putting on a show by playing a piano four hands song! The music style they have chosen is the Boogie Woogie and their brisk and energetic…

This 12-yr- Old Track Athlete Competes And Closes In On The World Record!

She is only 12 years old, nevertheless, the young track athlete Brianna Lyston is being talked about not only as a future Jamaican track star but of the world! Although her 23.72 seconds track time in…
Record Sport Talents

"Hallelujah" Like You Have Never Heard It Sung Before!

How many times have children enjoyed playing with an echo in a well? The same thing happened to Tiffany Day, the 17-year-old girl, you will see in the video, who also could not resist the temptation during…

Music Is A Universal Language That Transcends Physical Barriers!

Lisandro is a 12-year-old boy who lives in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Mexico City. His family lives in very poor conditions, and to make matters worse Lisandro is suffering from a serious eye…

Chinese Guitar Child Prodigy Plays AC/DC On An ACOUSTIC GUITAR!

The good thing about the Internet is that talented people now have the opportunity to shine more easily! Case in point is this 12- year-old Chinese boy who without the use of Youtube would not have gotten…

Antonio And Paco -- Two Talented Twin Brothers Steal The Show!

As soon as they started to sing, the judges realized that there were two very young participants on stage! Moreover, their combined singing voices demonstrated to perfection their impressive talent as…

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