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Video Performance

A Woman Approaches The Young Musician, Then Starts An Exhilarating Four-handed Performance!

Do you know those melodies that are so exhilarating that those who are listening can hardly keep their hands and legs still?  The boogie-woogie is definitely a musical style that has this effect. Fingers…

Suprise Coldplay And Shakira Duet At A Live Concert!

Collaborations between different artists are perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of music, as they allow singers and musicians to explore genres and songs that are diametrically apart with completely…

Violinist Chiara Conte Wins Hearts With Her Talent And Beauty!

This very original and self-styled musician from Southern Italy (Puglia) is called Chiara Conte and she already has to her credit many covers and reinterpretations of famous songs. Therefore, how could…

This Little Boy Can Dance Like Nobody's Business! Whoa!

Contrary to what you might think, he is just a child! However, during a street exhibition of a Cuban rumba band, already well-known for its performances, this little guy jumps out from the crowd and into…

Hundreds Of People Sing As One Voice!

Have you ever heard of this huge Canadian singing group? They are called the Choir! Choir! Choir! and define themselves as an open band, meaning that anyone who wants to join is welcome.  Consequently,…

This Elderly Chinese Man Has Amazing Coordination And Flexibility!

After a slow start, the music begins and the girl and the elderly Chinese man launch into a coordinated dance that definitely makes an impression! The dance movements seem to be those of the current hip…

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