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Video Performance

Phenomenal Two-in-one Voice! Absolutely STUPENDOUS!

It is not just technique that makes a musician a real talent but it is certainly a necessary condition for success. Well, as far as technique goes, this guy has got it in spades! However, what makes his…

A Famous Elvis Song Covered By Andrea Bocelli ... WoW!

Andrea Bocelli has no doubts when he says: "I always knew I was born to sing since I was a child"' and in retrospect, he definitely was not wrong! As a matter of fact, it is amazing the ease with which…

Discover This Musical Group Called Light In Babylon!

They are the Light in Babylon, a project of musicians that blends different ethnicities and musical cultures. The singer and percussionist is Israeli with Iranian origins, the santur player (an Iranian…

This Little Baby's Wonder And Joy Will Make You Smile Too!

Some things are good for the soul, and one of them is definitely the love of two parents. Furthermore, if the parents are also phenomenal singers, it is really a stroke of good luck for their children.…

The Galway Girls Irish Dance Tribute To Ed Sheeran!

They are eight talented girls, all Irish, and they possess powerful dancing skills! These eight girls are all part of the Galway Girls dance troupe that created this performance and routine with the…

A Fascinating Sculpture Demonstration! Who Is The BEST?!

In an effort to increase and encourage interest in performance art, two Asian universities decided to put on a sort of challenge between two performance artists! As a matter of fact, here in this video,…

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