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"Old MacDonald" Didn't Have Moves Like THESE! Check It Out!

Music makes no distinction of sex, age, or nationality ... When a song has a rhythm and melody that is captivating it ends up becoming a mega hit and travels the world far and wide! Then, even if we never…

When Babies Dance Better Than YOU! :)

The effect of music on children is simply wonderful! Children feel the music, mood, and rhythm of songs much more than adults do and are easily transported. This little cowboy could not resist the overwhelming…

Watch This Construction Worker Recharge His Batteries! WoW!

A construction worker's job is certainly one of the most physically tiring and taking a break from time to time is a good thing. For this construction worker, the best way to disconnect seems to be to…
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Team Russia One Shows The World Synchronized Skating At Its Best!

In synchronized skating, teams are made up of 12-16 people, and the teams that come to be known internationally are able to put on a really unique dance choreography that showcases the stunning coordination…

Watch This Adorable 17-month-old Baby Dance! Fascinating!

It is true that some people have rhythm in their blood, and it is equally true that the propensity for dancing is something you are born with! If not, then what would be the explanation for how this 17-month-old…

This Kid Is A Natural Showman! Take A Look!

The pupils are all gathered in the school courtyard to presumably watch something that appears to also include some kind of dance performance.  However, someone's attention has fallen on the only kid…

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