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The Galway Girls Irish Dance Tribute To Ed Sheeran!

They are eight talented girls, all Irish, and they possess powerful dancing skills! These eight girls are all part of the Galway Girls dance troupe that created this performance and routine with the…

Rock And Roll Will Never Grow Old! It Just Goes On And On And.....

If you think your lessons of Rock and Roll and Boogie-woogie are a waste of time you are mistaken! Just see what you will be able to do if you hang in there and keep practicing until ... Well, how old…

See How This Woman Is Giving Birth ... Gangnam Style! :)

When a woman is in the middle of an ordeal like giving birth, then she has every right to try to deal with the pain in any way that she sees fit. For those who do not want to resort to any form of anesthesia,…

Sara Lòpez And Her Teenage Dance Partner Steal The Show!

Adolescence is a critical time of growth  --- from the physical point of view, the body changes from day to day almost uncontrollably and a young person's appearance changes in continuation. Fortunately,…

Once There Were Only Two Dancers But Now There Are THREE! :)

This young couple passes the time while they are waiting for their child to be born by doing exactly what they used to do before the pregnancy!  Which was to dance like crazy! Yes, all the most beautiful…
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Watch How Dancing And Having Fun Never Grow Old!

Have you ever started making a video and then realized that things were not going as you had planned? That is exactly what happened to this young girl, little Alexia, who decided to film herself while…

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