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This 13-year-old's Voice Touches The Heart And Soul ...

Calista Clark is only thirteen years old and yet there is something about her that makes her sing as if she were already a successful artist and this is without a doubt due to her immense talent. When…

Thermin And Voice Performance Of Morricone's "The Ecstacy Of Gold"

The theremin is a musical instrument that produces sound based on the physical principles of movement.  Playing the theremin does not involve the physical contact of the musician with the instrument…

Susan Boyle Sings The Famous Song From The Film "Ghost".

Susan Boyle is an English singer whom you have probably heard about. After winning second place in the third edition of the "Britain's got Talent" TV show, her fame rose to the stars. What people really…

Johnny Manuel Restarts His Career With A BANG!

In the world of music, as in many others, sometimes unexplained events can occur. Seeing this video, in fact, you wonder --- how is it that somebody broke a record contract with this guy?  His voice…

A Dog Sings A Heartfelt "Happy Birthday"!

The song with which we wish someone a happy birthday is probably the only song that has been translated --- that is both known and sung in all the major languages in the world. However, this family sets…

A Mother And Son Are Reunited By Singing A Moving Song!

Alzheimer's is a horrible illness for those who live in it, but perhaps even more for those who see it taking over the lives of their dear ones. This man decided to film for the first time what he and…

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