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3 Women Come On Stage And When They Start To Sing The Judges Witness An Unexpected Transformation

Anyone who comes on stage at the Britain's Got Talent TV show has the opportunity to catch the attention of a vast audience. Without a doubt, this is something that the trio of Filipino women who came…

Ten Men With Ten Times The Power In Song And Dance!

As stated by them, the "Straight No Chaser" members, they take music very seriously, but do not do the same with themselves. For this reason seeing one of their performances is great! Of course, they…

The Fantastic Four ---Il Divo --- Sing "I Will Always Love You"

In the world of music, it often happens that a singer remains known for writing or singing one song in particular. This is what happened to the late great Whitney Houston, famous around the world for…

Dane Gives His All While Singing With Whitney Houston!

Dane is a special little guy who, among a thousand difficulties, still manages to smile more than any other person! He has Down's syndrome but this is a detail that does not matter in Dane's everyday…

Listen To This Little Girl Lift Her Voice In Praise!

No doubt this video clip will be amongst the sweetest videos you have ever found on the Internet. This sweet little girl is called Maya and she is only 17 months! Not only does this lovely child have…

Jose Feliciano Covers Sting's "Every Breath You Take"

Perhaps you have not heard much about the singer, Jose Feliciano, yet this music artist can lay claim to a multitude of honors and awards from all over the world. Jose Feliciano is famous for his covers…

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