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Video Singing

Antonio And Paco -- Two Talented Twin Brothers Steal The Show!

As soon as they started to sing, the judges realized that there were two very young participants on stage! Moreover, their combined singing voices demonstrated to perfection their impressive talent as…

The Passionate Singing Of This 3-yr-old Will Win Your Heart!

For all of us, the voice of a particular singer or certain words used in a song can provoke strong emotions and move us to exhibit ourselves in shameless performances full of heartfelt sentiment. Moreover,…

An Unusual Beyonce Cover Thrills Listeners!

Have you ever heard of the "duende", the spirit that possesses artists during their performances? Well, David Gomes has definitely incorporated that spirit! In fact, his talent captures our attention…

A Street Artist And An Unknown Woman Light Up A City Sidewalk!

This street artist had already gathered a large number of people around him but when he started singing a famous song by Bob Marley, he suddenly began to hear a strong female voice singing backup to his…

Singer Neil Francis Gets A Subway Crowd All Worked Up! :)

It happens very frequently in the subway (metro) to meet street artists who perform for passengers, but how many of them actually manage to engage passersby? The man you are about to see has succeeded…

Willie Jones Stuns The Crowd And The Judges With This Song ...

He arrives on stage visibly excited but ready to demonstrate that in addition to his natural sweetness there is also talent. Furthermore, although often aspiring singers trying to make their mark, bring…

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