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Willie Jones Stuns The Crowd And The Judges With This Song ...

He arrives on stage visibly excited but ready to demonstrate that in addition to his natural sweetness there is also talent. Furthermore, although often aspiring singers trying to make their mark, bring…

A Cover Of "Amazing Grace" That Will Pull On Your Heartstrings ...

Since they joined together in 2003 the members of the singing quartet Il Divo have been able to delight the ears of millions of people.  In their repertoire certainly, this famous song could not be missing!…

This Is How They Call The Cows Home In Sweden!

In the countries of northern Europe there is a type of song called "kulning" (or kaukning) with which you call animals from the pasture. The old traditional method was (and is) usually used by women and…

She Is The Best Spanish Female Vocalist Of The Moment!

If you were to choose the most beautiful Spanish contemporary female voice, probably the choice would fall on the talented Monica Naranjo. Early in her career she was not very much appreciated, then she…

Meet The Man Who Made This Famous Song A Mega Hit!

Probably this is one of those timeless songs, that will never cease to be heard. The original version was sung by Judy Garland in the film "The Wizard of Oz" in 1939. However, this song actually only…

Hear Jennifer Nettles Sing Two Classic Holiday Songs -- Live!

Let your heart be warmed by the voice of Jennifer Nettles, an American country music singer, songwriter and actor who in this video in her own way, wishes everyone a happy and peaceful holiday season. …

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