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What happens to this girl makes us reflect…
Combining dance, acrobatics, and aerobatics --- he defies reality! A fox wants to steal this golfer's bag --- the battle is hilarious!

What happens to this girl makes us reflect . . . and touches our hearts.


A girl has to reach her boyfriend who is leaving town, and she does not have much time to do it, plus the fear of not arriving in time puts her in even greater turmoil.

On the way, she encounters many difficulties that make her almost fall into despair. The spot finishes with a happy ending, the two young people, in fact, were able to see each other and embrace before having to be apart for a long time. 

Actually, their coming together was made possible by a series of gestures and thoughtful acts that were invisible to the young woman's eyes -- those small and kind deeds made by unknown people ... that had life-changing consequences . . .


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