Woman suddenly gets Alzheimer's at age…
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Woman suddenly gets Alzheimer's at age 37: the cause was mold in the house

September 06, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

We know that as the years pass, our body and mind deteriorates progressively, especially if we don't take care of ourselves. The mind must be exercised just like the body. However, some people develop Alzheimer's disease - a very common form of dementia characterized by sudden and progressive memory loss. Certainly, however, one would never expect a person to suffer from this terrible disease before the age of 40. For this reason, the story of Australian, Amie Skilton, 37, who was diagnosed with an early form of Alzheimer's, has caused a lot of discussion. The reason for the onset of her pathology? It seems to be related to a small detail that she didn't notice when she moved into her new home.

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Just two months after moving in, Amie began experiencing a series of troubling symptoms that eventually led to forgetting her own name. It all started with the symptoms of an allergy that the woman had never suffered before; after a while she developed a strong and lasting fatigue, accompanied by poor concentration and sudden weight gain. Within a short time, Amie gained 10 kg, and more seriously, another symptom manifested itself: memory loss. After various tests, doctors diagnosed her with an early form of Alzheimer's. What is even more surprising, however, is the cause of this nightmare: the mold she had never noticed which was hidden in her new home in Sydney.

This mold infestation apparently had a devastating impact on the woman's body and mind.

Amie was not aware of mold in the house and she could not imagine that its presence could trigger so many seriou symptoms. "The first symptom I noticed was allergies," she explained, "then I had trouble concentrating and working and finally, developed amnesia." The feeling of not even remembering her own name must have been horrible: "One day I went to fill out a form and stared at it unable to write my name because I didn't remember it," explained the woman. What alerted her was a friend's post explaining how her husband was particularly sensitive to mold. Thanks to a team of specialists, Amie discovered that under one of the carpets in her home, there was massive mold infestation, to which her body had reacted negatively: "The carpet looked absolutely fine on top, but when I lifted it up, all this black mold was underneath. When we removed the carpet, it was completely black underneath it." Only after she left the house, and her exposure to mold stopped, did Amie regain her memory and her health.

This is a frightening story, which must make us reflect on the various risks that can be hidden in the home.

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