Man gives his girlfriend a ring worth…
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Man gives his girlfriend a ring worth nearly £ 1,300 ($1,600), but for her, it is a big disappointment: "It's too small and cheap"

May 13, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

What is the moment that many women look forward to in their lives the most? There are many that it could be, it is true, but among these we would certainly expect to find the moment of the engagement proposal, or better still, of the marriage proposal. That is the moment in which time seems to to stand still and in which only the couple exists in the universe. The moment the man gets down on one knee, he takes out a velvet box from his pocket, opens it and shows the wonderful diamond ring he has bought as a gift for his beloved and to serve as a symbol of immense love he has for her. Are you daydreaming or are you really living through the most beautiful moment in your life (you might ask yourself)?

Whatever your answer, such a scene seems to come straight out of a romance novel or a movie about a love story, but, of course, many couples have lived this in reality. For the subject of the story we are about to tell you, in part this was like exactly like this. But it also turned out to be a great disappointment at the same time. Let's find out together what happened to the woman who is the subject of this story.

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This woman wrote a post on the Mumsnet website in which she talked about the experience she had just had with her boyfriend and that caused her to have mixed bag of emotions. The author of the post wrote that her partner had organized a surprise for her and had given her a beautiful engagement ring. At least she thought it was beautiful, but that was before opening the box that contained the ring.

The woman said: "When he presented the ring to me, I was speechless. It was a solitaire diamond in white gold, a breathtaking gift, but not for me. The first thing I thought and said when I opened the box was that it was too small. I didn't like it. The ring itself wasn't ugly, but it didn't suit me. I didn't like the gold, I didn't like the diamond, I didn't like the way it was set. Put simply: I wanted another ring. "

According to what the woman reported, her honesty and frankness was not appreciated. Her boyfriend, in fact, was very disappointed by her reaction - to the point of discussing the matter with some of his colleagues. After all, he had also spent £1,300 pounds ($1,600 dollars) on buying the ring - not a small amount, considering his means. One of his friends told him to leave her because, clearly, she was not right for him. After all, according to the friend, a woman who only thinks about the size of the ring and its cost and without considering what it symbolizes, will not take the relationship seriously.

But the subject of our story stated just the opposite. For her, it was a very important object that she would wear every moment of every day, and she could not do this if she was not 100% happy with it. "I would have liked for us to have chosen it together. It's something I will wear every day and I want it to be special and perfect for me."


In search of advice, the author of the post found mostly criticism from her followers for her behaviour. In fact, many people replied that she shouldn't have paid so much attention to the size and cost of the ring, as to its meaning. "It almost seems like you are more interested in showing it off and not in what it really represents, that is, your loving bond," wrote one user. However, there were those who have also, to some degree, understood the woman's disappointment and have not completely disagreed with her.

What do you think? How would you have behaved in this young woman's place?

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