They are 37 years apart but they say they are truly in love: she is only 6 years younger than his grandmother -
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They are 37 years apart but they say…
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They are 37 years apart but they say they are truly in love: she is only 6 years younger than his grandmother

August 15, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Is there a limit to age difference in love? How many times have we asked ourselves this question when involved in a relationship with an older or younger partner, or on meeting some couple with a noticeable age difference?

The couple we are talking about is certainly one of those couples in which the age gap is really quite considerable: 37 years, to be precise. They are active on social media, regardless of the messages from people who judge their alleged love and the couple say they are truly in love with each other. This is their story, how it all began and the plans they have for the future.

His name is Qurann Mccain, born in 1997, and she is Cheryl McGregor, born in 1960. They first met several years ago, when he was still a minor and worked in a restaurant where Cheryl's son was the manager. But then the two were linked only by the common knowledge of her son, nothing more. Every now and then she went to eat at the restaurant and they passed the time together, but at the time no one would have imagined that they would end up being a couple.

Years later, he went to the shop where she was a cashier. He always saw her happy and smiling, except one day when he found her looking unusually sad. After asking her what was wrong with her, she burst into tears. She told him that she was very upset about the criticism she had received on TikTok, for the way she danced and showed herself off. He promised her that he would resolve the matter, offering her support and closeness.

This is how the two began to see each other more frequently until they confessed their true feelings for each other. When they both found out they were in love they said they were surprised. Now, after a year of dating, they are a steady couple.

Their story has obviously been opposed by many, especially her family: Qurran is only a few years apart from her youngest daughter, while Cheryl is only six years younger than his grandmother!

That's why many social media users refer to Cheryl as Qurren's "grandmother": the couple say they try to ignore such comments, but sometimes it's really hard.

Despite all the gossip, the couple say they remain positive: now they live happily and are making plans for the future. They want to get married!

To deny that Cheryl and Qurran are an unusual couple would be foolish, but can we really judge their love and say that the age difference should matter?

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