They donate £700 to an elderly widower who goes to the same place for lunch every day: they all love him -
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They donate £700 to an elderly widower…
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They donate £700 to an elderly widower who goes to the same place for lunch every day: they all love him

June 17, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Making a gesture of solidarity and kindness towards an elderly person left alone is really priceless. Many of our grandparents are condemned to live the last years of their lives in complete solitude; maybe their partner passed away a few years earlier, the children and grandchildren, who have become adults in the meantime, have rebuilt a life and no longer go to visit their elderly relatives. There are many reasons why it is always better not to abandon our older citizens to total solitude: they are our social memory and our past full of wisdom.

This is the story of Pete, a 90 year old British veteran who lost his wife eleven years earlier and now lives in Chelmsford in Essex completely alone; to combat this loneliness, Pete goes to lunch almost every day at the same pub run by the 39-year-old man named Tim Mepham; after years of habit, for Pete that place has become a real "paradise", a refuge where he can feel safe and secure.

As Tim, the owner of the Moulsham Inn, says the 90-year-old customer always orders the same lunch: chicken cacciatore and a glass of red wine.

Obviously, after a long time of Pete frequenting that pub on an all too regular basis, Tim approached him and started talking to Pete, trying to get to know his story, why he chose that place as his "safe haven"; after chatting with him, Tim discovered that Pete was an amazing person and a perfect client, whom everyone admired and whom many in the town genuinely loved: "Pete is truly one of the most polite gentlemen I've ever met. He's grateful for what we do for him, his sense of humor is so sharp! "

When Tim posted on his social media the video in which he spoke with this extraordinary regular customer, all his friends, relatives, or just acquaintances, wanted to donate money to finance Pete's lunches: not because the man was poor or in need of financial help, not at all; ordinary people were moved by this 90-year-old gentleman and wanted to give him a gift that he would never forget.


Viewers made donations on the pub website, managing to raise 700 pounds; practically, the equivalent of two weeks of chicken cacciatore and 90 glasses of red wine. When Tim revealed to Pete the generous gesture that the pub patrons had made for him, he was incredulous and very excited: "I can't believe you, I owe you, I love this place! To me this place is like heaven, and that's not a lie!"

Check out the moving video below in which Tim discovers he has two weeks of meals donated from the big hearts of the people of Chelmsford!


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