This girl stopped shaving when she was 15 and receives insults about her beard every day -
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This girl stopped shaving when she was…
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This girl stopped shaving when she was 15 and receives insults about her beard every day

April 19, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Although there is a famous popular Italian saying that says "donna barbuta, sempre piaciuta" (bearded woman are always liked), modern society quite explicitly imposes a certain standard of female beauty. A standard in which excess fluff finds absolutely no space! Nowadays, most women act daily with waxing, epilating and appointments with their trusted beautician to get rid of unwanted hair. There is a small minority of women who, despite everything, would also like to see the position accepted of those who, like them, wanted to free themselves from the "bondage of waxing", letting the hair grow freely on the various parts of their bodies. Among these girls is Klyde Warren who, however, has a little more than a few superfluous hairs. She has always had to fight against insults and personal judgments launched at her as she refuses to alter her appearance by waxing or other epilation.

via: Dailymail

Klyde Warren comes from Nebraska, is 27 and has no intention of shaving, even though most people call her "disgusting". These are the comments that the young woman receives on a daily basis, especially because of the thick hair on her face, which she now wears in all respects as a beard. Klyde is very upset every time she gets an insult about her appearance - wouldn't be after all? -but she is certainly not planning to shave soon.

Her beard, according to her, is the feature she likes best about her appearance. So why change it? Klyde, in fact, has learned to love herself as she really is, naturally, which many people absolutely cannot accept. Of course, this physical peculiarity greatly affects her romantic relationships, but the young woman hopes to find a loving partner who appreciates her beard and her hair as much as she does. Klyde claims that some people she has dated had become too fond of this distinctive trait, treating her almost as a "freak". She says that her latest boyfriend, on the other hand, supports her in a more genuine way. 


Her hair began to emerge strongly when she was 15 - at the time, she had a mustache vaguely thicker than normal for a woman - but despite her mother urging her to shave, Klyde decided to let nature take its course.

Probably, the girl is suffering from hirsutism or some similar phenomenon; hirsutism is a condition of abnormal hair growth in women, in places where hair is not often seen. One of the causes of this phenomenon is polycystic ovary syndrome.


At one time, Klyde, cared a lot more about her appearance, and cruel comments hurt her a lot more. Now, it is always painful to receive insults and not be appreciated by others, but the young woman feels much more self-confident. We can only wish her well and wish her the good luck to find someone who loves her and appreciates her for who she is.

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