The most jealous woman in England buys her husband 3 Xboxes to keep him from leaving the house: "So she has fewer distractions" -
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The most jealous woman in England buys…
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The most jealous woman in England buys her husband 3 Xboxes to keep him from leaving the house: "So she has fewer distractions"

March 29, 2021 • By Alison Forde

You know when a relationship ends due to extreme possessiveness and jealousy on the part of one partner? Well, an English woman named Debbi Wood made her jealousy her trademark, managing to get herself renamed as "Britain's most jealous woman". In a completely unexpected way, however, her husband Steve has not abandoned her, despite the fact that the woman has publicly admitted to adopting the most bizarre solutions to prevent Steve from looking or even thinking about other women. For example, Debbi bought three latest generation gaming consoles to make her husband focus on videogames: in this way he doesn't leave the house and has fewer distractions. It would seem to be a situation that has now exceeded the limits of normality and slipped into the pathological.

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Jealousy can affect anyone and, depending on their temperament, can be more pronounced in some individuals. Debbi Wood, however, is part of an isolated category of people who have completely lost control over their lives. The 43-year-old from Leicester, who suffers from obvious weight problems - problems that have greatly undermined her self-esteem, unfortunately - is married to Steve, a man that she herself says "can barely breathe." The woman is obsessed that her husband may be unfaithful to her, even though she has no concrete evidence. While it is only a possibility, in her mind it is clearly something more. She is so jealous of him that she even paid to subject Steve periodically to lie detector tests.

Needless to say, after all this, that Debbi checks Seve's cell phone, as well as his e-mail inbox, and also his bank statements. As if that weren't enough, the woman also forbids her husband to watch certain television series featuring stars and models that he might like. Apparently, therefore, Debbi has full control over the remote control as well. No wonder she bought three different consoles to allow her husband to indulge himself with video games and ... to always stay at home! This way, she thinks she can better control her husband's moves. The two claim to spend more than half the day playing video games.

Debbi admitted that she is ashamed to go out, because she fears that people may insult her because of her obesity. At the same time, she is happy to receive the 1,500 pounds that the state pays her each month as a subsidy for her motor disability.


Debbi Wood is not simply jealous, she suffers from Othello Syndrome, a delusional jealousy that materializes in her extreme belief that her husband Steve is about to be unfaithful to her (although there is no evidence to prove it).

We hope that Debbi will be able to take back the reins of her life and escape from all her problems.

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