Two best friends form a relationship with the same woman: they are happy and even want to have children together -
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Two best friends form a relationship…
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Two best friends form a relationship with the same woman: they are happy and even want to have children together

January 06, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Nowadays, almost no one is scandalized by so-called "open relationships", and even the most traditional can almost justify such habits with phrases such as: "each to his own". However, some particular situations persist at which even the most liberal people could turn up their noses. The protagonists of this story are called Dino De Souza and Saulo Gomes, two close friends who have decided to share everything in life ... even a woman. The two, in fact, without having planned it, fell in love with the same girl, Olga, and, instead of this ruining years of friendship, they decided to live with this new reality. The three seem to be very happy with this choice and now even plan to have children together.

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For Dino and Saulo, friendship comes first, but neither of them has ever wanted to sacrifice their romantic relationship with a woman. Fate, or chance, however, led both of them to fall in love with the same girl, Olga. No one predicted in advance that the relationship would develop into a threesome and, above all, no one believed that it could actually work. According to them, however, the biggest difficulty was not so much managing the relationships between them, as being able to make friends and relatives understand what was happening.

As you can imagine, the idea isn't exactly easy for people to come to terms with, especially since first impressions of this particular trio are almost always negative. All three, however, confirm that after the first negative impressions, the people they meet and who begin to know their story, change their minds almost immediately.


Each of them has a different personality, which emerges and brings elements rich in diversity and positivity to the relationship. The problems they encounter are those common to all love relationships, with the difference that, with there being three of them, they can talk about it in a more open and "different" way. What is certain is that both Dino and Saul want Olga to be the mother of their children.

Leaving aside the inevitable judgments and doubts about the actual long-term durability of a threesome of this type, we are confident that the only really important thing in life is being happy. If Olga, Dino and Saulo have achieved their happiness, who are we to judge them?

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