This photographer has managed to capture…
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This photographer has managed to capture the tender friendship between a dog and an owl

January 03, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The stories of friendships born and cultivated among animals belonging to very different species are not uncommon.

Whether they are dogs, moose, geese, pigs or birds, they all have a lot to teach us, because for them their differences do not necessarily separate them.

Simply put, it is about friendship, affection, loyalty, and having fun! These are pure values, to which animals manage to give a lot of importance, without relying too much on what differentiates them from each other.

The photographer Tanja Brandt who knows this very well has decided to make her enormous passion for the animal kingdom also her profession.

The woman, in fact, has given the world some very beautiful and suggestive captured images, which show the incredible friendship between Ingo, a German shepherd dog, and Poldi, an owl.

If you think that it is impossible that an owl and a dog can be so in tune, then after looking at these images that have been posted and shared on her Facebook and Instagram pages, you will have to think again!

These two animals are truly inseparable, and their "adventures" together immortalized by Tanja Brandt prove it!










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