Tell us how many dogs you see in this picture and we will reveal your mental age -
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Tell us how many dogs you see in this…
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Tell us how many dogs you see in this picture and we will reveal your mental age


How many times have we met people in our lives that we have always considered to be younger than the age that is on their birth certificate?

Sometimes not even the arrival of the various infirmities of old age is enough to make us feel old! Youth, after all, is actually a state of mind that has nothing to do with a person's chronological age.

Moreover, this has already been theorized by psychology, in many of its studies dedicated to the separation between the psychological age and chronological age.

image: Wikimedia

The French psychologist Alfred Binet first thought of this in 1905, when he began to study the phases and levels of the so-called "intellectual age" of children.

By subjecting children to various types of psychological tests, Binet analyzed the extent to which their mental abilities had developed in comparison to their chronological age.

And how old are you "mentally"? The answer may lie in how many dogs you are able to see in the following picture.

The results can be ascertained from the four different answers to this visual test.

image: Pinterest
  • 4 dogs: You have a psychological age between 20 and 25 and your mind is fresh and young, open to the newness and challenges of life. You like to have new experiences, but at times instead of the noise and crowds, you prefer your inner peace. You also appreciate beauty and art.
  • 5 dogs: You have a mental age between 25 and 30. You give great importance to stability and to crystal-clear social relations. You are not interested in superficial friendships and like to surround yourself with people you can always count on.
  • 6 dogs: You have a mental age between 30 and 40. You manage to do without the so-called thrills and new experiences. You are as strong as a rock, and just like a rock, your dearest friends always lean on you, seeking words and actions that can comfort and support them in the best way possible.
image: Max Pixel
  • 7 dogs: If you can find seven dogs in the picture your mental age is between 10 and 20 years old. You have a pure and innocent heart. You are friendly and open with many people and you go through the phases of your life with curiosity and energy, never allowing yourself to be overcome by the adversities that you might encounter.

Of course, it is part of the game of life to grow old and above all to know how to age gracefully. Nevertheless, not everyone is granted the privilege of being able to grow old externally....while remaining young on the inside!

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